Dinge, die verschwinden (German Edition)

"puff" in German
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Word of the Day - "nämlich" | German is easy!

She cleaned and cooked for her employers, and tended the garden. She unlocks the big door for guests, workmen, the chimney sweep, the mailman. In her kitchen the mason and the gardener break for lunch. Mietzel has never flown in an airplane.

She never learned to ride a bicycle, and has never used an escalator. When her employers are away, she looks after the castle, with only the dormouse, the Aesculapian snake, and the red salamander to keep her company. The house where she was born lies at the foot of the castle hill.

Mietzel can see it from her window.

Die Dinge (German Edition)

Of the two rooms she has inhabited for thirty years, one is the sitting room. In the cool shade of this room she stores fruit and cake; the baskets and baking pans occupy a huge black table with turned legs that once upon a time belonged to some person who lived here before her. The other room is where Mietzel sleeps, her dresses and aprons hanging in a shallow armoire, and this is also where the television stands, along with an armchair whose slipcover is already polished smooth in the spots where Mietzel lays her hands on the armrests.

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She brings in the coffee pot, and I can see that a pot of coffee weighs something. In earlier years, when I was still her neighbor, she would never come to visit me without something in her hands: Whatever she brought had been planted, cooked, baked, or found in the woods by her. Later, when she was no longer able to go to the woods and also could no longer work in the garden or even cook or bake, she would make open-face sandwiches for me.

‘Dinge, die verschwinden’ (‘Things that are Disappearing’) by Jenny Erpenbeck (Review)

White bread with cheese or salami, and on top of that slices of egg or little sour gherkins cut in half. When I ring her bell this evening, a long time passes before the door opens. The nurse must not yet have figured out all the keys.

learn2useyourcamera.com/best-cell-location-application-axon-10-pro.php High up in the sky, far above the big cherry tree, a buzzard is circling. Inside, in her shade-filled kitchen, Mietzel is sitting at the table, the nurse positioned her there, pushing the chair all the way in so she can hold herself upright. I look out her window.

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Through the bare trees I can see all the way to the house where her mother was a maid and her father a groom. Mietzel sits without moving.

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And for this reason, when I get up to leave I can only hug her from the side. In the rear courtyards of the approximately two buildings to survive from the Warsaw Ghetto, the Catholic residents have installed glass boxes for the Holy Mother of God Maria.

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All around the Virgin, windows send forth a stench of cooking, beer and fabric softener, with crumbling bits of wall contributing the odors of urination and cat, while open cellar doors exhale a cold, mildewy breath. The Virgin cannot wipe away the dust that screens her from my gaze. A child comes galloping diagonally across the courtyard, disappearing up a worn staircase into the darkness of a side building, a woman in heels emerges from the entry hall, a television can be heard.

The approximately two buildings to survive from the Warsaw Ghetto have been propped up with iron bars extending right across the courtyard, with netting and boards strung below to catch falling masonry, and floorless balconies stick out from the wall whose plaster is long gone.

Lauras Stern (German Edition)

Load More Comments. Changed into an earthly swan, he delights in his feathers. Today, we'll learn how to use it properly. Archived from the original on October 23, The rest of the first book concerns itself with the reverberations of her death in the family.

For more than sixty years, these approximately two buildings have stood here with their bare bricks exposed, sooner or later they will no doubt collapse. In the place that sixty years ago was the smaller part of the Ghetto, I am staying in a nine-story hotel. That is a dangerous business, putting your own words into the mouth of a great poet.

Das rätselhafte Verschwinden des Doctor Crawfordt [German Creepypasta]

The splendid translations of Rilke by Galway Kinnell and Hannah Liebman aim right for his imaginative originality without interference from the requirements of rhyme and metrical regularity. But Rilke is also light, subtle, intensely conscious in the French way.

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Solitude is ancient, has the feeling of communing with a higher world. Loneliness seems to be a modern invention, wanders the streets down here.

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The last lines seem to open a pit at your feet. For there is nothing brisker than his life when in motion. Of course you think at once of Yeats. Was Leda raised up to god-like knowledge, the poem asks.