Last Christmas (Bound Together)

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I loved Bound Together and I've had this little thing sitting in my library for ages and ages and I finally read it I loved this little book. It was awesome to read this from Ollie's POV! Ollie has had his heart ripped outta Oh my god Ollie has had his heart ripped outta of his chest by the woman he saw as his HEA. Coming from a broken family, he suffered abuse from his father for years while his mother up and left him to live it up with his "Uncle Andre". Ollie made a vow that he would not become a product of drug and alcohol abuse so he did all he could to make something of himself in life.

He's in college and meets the girl of his dreams and they make it work until she falls for another guy which then brings us to the present. He is heart broken and lost. He moved away from his friends and the life that he built for himself because everywhere he turns he sees her, memories of a happier time and he hates it. Ollie has been staying in Utah with his estranged mother and younger brother trying to forget her but the ache in his heart won't heal or go away, so he becomes his former self, the man whore who cared only about himself and his pleasure With the help of his friends he realises something and that is when this story gets extra interesting!!

Ok so when I read Bound Together I was so happy that Layla had made her choice and I wanted her and Jared to have their HEA because they were so perfect for each other and they deserved it The way his heart had shattered into a million pieces and it had completely destroyed him. I loved how much he cares for her and no matter how hard he tries to forget, he can't! I really am interested in how the next book will play out because as much as I hate to admit it I love Jared too Can't wait for book two!!

View all 8 comments. Dec 18, Jennifer Wolfel rated it really liked it. Ok so if you haven't read Bound Together you need to read it first this isn't an option becuase Last Christams would make no sense without reading the book that insipired this. I liked Oliver but he didn't make me feel like Jarred. Now I am finding myself completely conflicted and don't have a clue at this point! Oliver is trying to get over his broken heart Ok so if you haven't read Bound Together you need to read it first this isn't an option becuase Last Christams would make no sense without reading the book that insipired this.

Oliver is trying to get over his broken heart from the woman of he dreams "texting" him a break up. There is really no easy way to get over something like that but boy does he try in not so pleasant ways Amy and Mel who happy to be best friends of Layla have to walk a fine line and try not to bring up the subject with him as his hurt is still very raw. Oliver's visit to Cali at Thanksgiving isn't easy and the trip back at Christams all but tears him apart since Last Christmas he had Layla When Amy and Mel take him to Mel's parents house it falls apart further and my heart was actually breaking for Oliver.

Marie seems to have created the perfect junction between Bound Together and Torn Apart which will release in Spring. Once again Marie's brillant writing captivates the heart and truly expanded mine in favor of Oliver. Making me uncertain about who is truly best for Layla in the end Bring on Torn Apart! Jan 12, Louise rated it really liked it Shelves: rockers-musicians.

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You see I like Ollie, I really do, but my god he really needs to get a grip and get over Layla! I do hope he has his HEA, just not with Layla! Dec 08, Kristin rated it liked it. First, I'm Team Jared all the way but clearly Ollie is the favorite here.

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Without spoiling anything, I understand why the next book is titled Torn Apart. Dec 06, Lisa rated it it was amazing.

Oliver Green has been hurt something terrible by lil' ole Layla. He is destroyed, in shambles, and doesn't know how to move on. Ollie cannot believe Layla would dump him via text message As much as my heart was with Jared, I was disappointed in Layla treating Ollie like that!! Ollie did me in! Here I thought I was Team Jared, and all along my heart is telling me it is indecisive. This is all because of his dirty man ways He also won me over with Mr. He also won me over with the sweetness he shows to his little brother! Ollie is a bit of a male slut, and isn't one to deny it either.

He loves the ladies and they love him, he is a hot rocker after all! Marie, why must you mess with my heart and head this way?

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After all you put us through, you go and pull at my heartstrings some more--AHHH!!! Ollie has some serious shoes to fill if he wants to win over Miss Layla! I am totally rooting for him though! I want to see a good fight played out by Ollie and Jared! If they both LOVE Layla as much as they say they do, then they better go balls out and show her what they are each made of!

Make sure to add loads of testosterone into their fist fight, because I know a storms a brewin'! I give, "Last Christmas," 5 stars!! I am thoroughly impressed with how frank and to the point this novella was! I am anxiously awaiting book two in this series Dec 05, Kim rated it liked it. This is a short novella between Bound Together and the next book in the series. And it is all Ollie Ollie is still very hurt and upset. After the end of Bound Together , he has reason to be So excuse me if I'm not really feeling the whole love, dating and romance scene. I've had my fucking fill. I played that game and lost. I lost it all.

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I'm never putting myself through that shit This is a short novella between Bound Together and the next book in the series. I'm never putting myself through that shit again So he basically spends the next chunk of the book trying to exorcise her from his mind in not so healthy ways. But finally figures out his next course of action. I really liked the fact that Ollie had the love and support of Layla's friends. And we got to see more of Mel and Amy's relationship. It will be interesting to see how the story of Ollie, Jared and Layla continues in the rest of the series.

Jan 13, Jennifer rated it it was amazing.

Even though this is a novella about Ollie, I think it told a lot of information that we didn't get from the first book. It explains a little more history about Ollie as well as his mother. Though, even finding out more about his mother doesn't make me like her any better. I still think she failed as a mother.

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I can't wait for Torn Apart, because Ollie is going to fight for Layla! This should be immensely entertaining. I'm going to love the interaction that Ollie and Jared Even though this is a novella about Ollie, I think it told a lot of information that we didn't get from the first book. I'm going to love the interaction that Ollie and Jared may have with each other.

Though I know both will be serious about keeping Layla. I think the scenario itself may be funny. I know Marie Coulson will not disappoint me.

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Jan 25, Deeana Galindo rated it it was ok. I am so tired of Ollie I am not sure i am excited about book 2. I hope we get a happy ending and a book that does not drive me insane wanting to pull out someones hair!!!! I really hope the next book just makes Layla and Jared relationship stronger, and i hope her friends support her on her chose rather then pushing her to do something they think is right.

Dec 19, Bev rated it liked it Shelves: band-boys. Hurry up Torn Apart! I'm still team Jared. I think Ollie needs to move on.

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Layla needs that strong alpha male and I just don't think Ollie has that. Thanks for the little teaser but it doesn't change my thoughts on who I'm rooting for, you did make it interesting to know where the next book will pick up!!! Jan 08, Christy rated it really liked it. Oh Ollie! My rockstar- I don't know what to do with you! I loved that I got to read from Ollie's pov. It made me smile, made me cry and broke my heart a little.