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It was later reconstructed in by the Haydn scholar by H. Since then the opera has had occasional revivals, most notably in Amsterdam on 15 June ; in Paris on 29 June when it received its first radio broadcast; in Metz on 1 February ; [2] and at Garsington Opera in June The bicentenary of Haydn's death in saw several performances of the work.

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In February , it was performed at the Vienna Kammeroper. The story is set in Taranto and concerns the Prince of Sorrento 's search for Prince Casimiro's rightful heir who had been taken to Taranto as a baby after her father's murder.

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Two young fisherwomen in the village, Lesbina and Nerina, each believe they might be the missing princess. Although they are engaged to each other's brother also fishermen , they both dream of marrying a wealthy man and set their caps for Prince Lindoro. The real princess turns out to be the dignified Eurilda, whom everyone had thought was the daughter of the elderly fisherman, Mastriccio.

Upon discovering this, Lindoro asks for her hand in marriage and departs for Sorrento with Eurilda and her adopted father. The squabbling pairs of lovers, Lesbina and Frisellino and Nerina and Burlotto are eventually reunited but not before Frisellino and Burlotto embarrass Lesbina and Nerina by disguising themselves as cousins of Prince Lindoro and persuading them to elope.

A complete recording of Le pescatrici using the reconstructed score by H.


He worked for other managers and produced during his stay in that city some of his most characteristic works. He also wrote Momolo Cortesan in This style was typified in La Donna di garbo , the first Italian comedy of its kind. After , Goldoni collaborated with the composer Baldassare Galuppi , making significant contributions to the new form of ' opera buffa '.

Galuppi composed the score for more than twenty of Goldoni's librettos.

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As with his comedies, Goldoni's opera buffa integrate elements of the Commedia dell'arte with recognisable local and middle-class realities. In , following his return from Bologna, he defected to the Teatro San Luca of the Vendramin family, where he performed most of his plays to In , he engaged in a bitter dispute with playwright Carlo Gozzi , which left him utterly disgusted with the tastes of his countrymen; so much so that in he moved to Paris, where he received a position at court and was put in charge of the Theatre Italien.

He spent the rest of his life in France, composing most of his plays in French and writing his memoirs in that language.

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It premiered on 4 February , almost nine months after the dauphin's marriage to Marie Antoinette. The Convention eventually voted to restore his pension the day after his death.

In his Memoirs Goldoni amply discusses the state of Italian comedy when he began writing. At that time, Italian comedy revolved around the conventionality of the Commedia dell'arte , or improvised comedy.

Goldoni took to himself the task of superseding the comedy of masks and the comedy of intrigue by representations of actual life and manners through the characters and their behaviors. He rightly maintained that Italian life and manners were susceptible of artistic treatment such as had not been given them before. His works are a lasting monument to the changes that he initiated: a dramatic revolution that had been attempted but not achieved before.

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Goldoni's importance lay in providing good examples rather than precepts. It was this very success that was the object of harsh critiques by Carlo Gozzi , who accused Goldoni of having deprived the Italian theatre of the charms of poetry and imagination. The great success of Gozzi's fairy dramas so irritated Goldoni that it led to his self-exile to France. Goldoni gave to his country a classical form, which, though it has since been cultivated, has yet to be cultivated by a master.

Goldoni's plays that were written while he was still in Italy ignore religious and ecclesiastical subjects. This may be surprising, considering his staunch Catholic upbringing. No thoughts are expressed about death or repentance in his memoirs or in his comedies. After his move to France, his position became clearer, as his plays took on a clear anti-clerical tone and often satirized the hypocrisy of monks and of the Church.

Goldoni was inspired by his love of humanity and the admiration he had for his fellow men.

He wrote, and was obsessed with, the relationships that humans establish with one another, their cities and homes, the Humanist movement, and the study of philosophy. The moral and civil values that Goldoni promotes in his plays are those of rationality, civility, humanism, the importance of the rising middle-class, a progressive stance to state affairs, honor and honesty. Goldoni had a dislike for arrogance, intolerance and the abuse of power.

Goldoni's main characters are no abstract examples of human virtue, nor monstrous examples of human vice.

They occupy the middle ground of human temperament. Goldoni maintains an acute sensibility for the differences in social classes between his characters as well as environmental and generational changes.

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Goldoni pokes fun at the arrogant nobility and the pauper who lacks dignity. As in other theatrical works of the time and place, the characters in Goldoni's Italian comedies spoke originally either the literary Tuscan variety which became modern Italian or the Venetian dialect , depending on their station in life. However, in some printed editions of his plays he often turned the Venetian texts into Tuscan, too. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the tractor manufacturer, see Goldoni company.

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