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The divinely exquisiteness of his son comforted Gouthaman. The main cause of this is persistent FCC anomalies, but the relative lack of signal in the CRE SW suggests that other properties of the clouds may also be different. Has not the curse that fell upon Ayothya been redeemed yet? However the green creepers, their shadow and tenderly flowing wind delicately gave a sort of icy touch to the heart like a religious philosophy which tries to obstruct the miseries of this world and offers hope and strength. Miller, N. Come by.

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The blood which stopped abruptly at one place and clotted to become stone starts to flow once again. The heat of life spreads across the stone and it becomes a ball of flesh. Consciousness is regained. Agalya closes her eyes and then opens. She becomes conscious.

The Stone of Pithan

O God! This polluted group of flesh has become consecrated. Who is the divine being who came over to offer me a new leash of life again?

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Is it that child? She prostrates herself before him. Ram looks at the sage astonishingly. Viswamitra could understand everything. She is Agalya. The innocent girl cheated by Indra in impersonation. She the one who polluted her body after being cheated by his impersonation due to her insurmountable love for her husband; Wife of Gouthaman. He tells everything to Ram.

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There stands a termite mound. Gouthaman is there in meditation completely oblivious of self like a maggot in silent penance inside the egg of web. Ahh…he himself has got up!! The eyes that have just opened after penance are rolling like a sharpened knife. Indurated body full of Strength as if being toned by arduous exercises.

Majestically yet hesitatingly he comes near like a person who is still unable to release himself from the disgrace of woman. The same web of misery again? The mind did not think how the life would be after redemption. Now it has encircled his life like a mammoth fortification. His mind too becomes feeble with fear. It wears the light of clarity. But it has not yet been sharpened at the pedestal of experiences. But his is the one which is unaware of meanness. The one which offers strength to intellect to walk through a new path.

The nature of this world unfairly gets one sided and troubles us! Why the punishment was meted out to the character for an action when it was not under the control of mind and urge driven by the body. Both the sages one who considers courage as knowledge; other considers compassion as the basis of righteousness take delight in the opinions expressed by the boy from his angle of thought. How much light, full of love and courageous truth it is! His coarseness of argument shows a tinge of difference in savor in the damp air.

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Gouthaman, his wife and the sand mound without pillars have not gone away from the place. The signs of life assiduously set where there was no life once. All the forces that came to change the course of affairs like flog of a whip had gone away. Should not they go to Mithila at least by evening? Nuptial bonds, invite us stretching out its two hands! Gouthaman could not speak to her as normally as he used to do earlier without caginess.

What to speak? The power of all his intellect that was discarded in the swirl of emotions ejected that meaningless word. Gouthaman brought some fruits from the orchard nearby. The desire and compassion in his actions found at the time of his marriage are nevertheless reflected now in the actions and hesitations of his fingers. Agalya is relieved of hunger.

There was a complete kindness in their heart. But they are struggling in their respective domain of thoughts. As wanted, desired by Agalya, Gouthaman constructed hut, away from the ramparts of Ayothya fort on the banks of Sarayu river, at a distance where the intervention of human beings is nonexistent and involves himself in inquiry of righteousness.

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Now Gouthaman fully believes Agalya. Even if she is lying on the lap of Indra, he would not suspect her fidelity. He believes in that she is chaste to that extent. Without her errands, he is fully aware that he would not be able to continue his inquiry of righteousness smoothly. Agalya nurtured him with the love that cannot be fathomed by heart.

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The moment she thinks about him her mind and parts of body would brim with kindness of a newly married bride. But, the stone ascended into her heart has not yet been removed. She wanted to behave in such a manner so that others would not suspect her; so that she would not give space for others to gaze at her even inadvertently.

Due to this, her natural behaviour vanished and temperament changed. Everyone around her appeared as Indras. The way she speaks and her playfulness were nowhere to be found. She would speak a word only after repeatedly practicing it for thousand times, memorizing it and scrutinizing it from different angles. She would get anxious even when Gouthaman utters ordinary words that there might be some inherent meaning to it.