Touch of Madness (The Thrall Series)

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Adams and Cathy Clamp. In Adams and Clamp's latest, psychic tough gal Kate Reilly returns to find trouble coming from all directions: her gorgeous boyfriend's werewolf pack is trying to break the couple up; she's being sued for her part in a gruesome death; and the Thrall evil, parasitic vampires who, last time out, tried to make Reilly their new queen demand her help in finding a batch of missing vampire eggs.

Loathe to assist the wretched bloodsuckers, Reilly reluctantly agrees when they promise to help find a cure for her brother, Bryan, who has been living in a zombielike fugue since his drug overdose years ago. In the course of her search, Reilly soon discovers that she's the target of a multipronged manhunt and must outwit killers bent on her destruction. Picking up where their bestselling Touch of Evil left off, Adams and Clamp jump straight into the action.

Fans will happily rejoin Reilly's story, which features great chemistry between the leads and a swift pace; unfortunately, the overly complex plot will prove a challenge to those not already familiar with the unconventional rules of Adams and Clamp's world. More Books by C. Hunter's Moon. Serpent Moon. Since I couldn't see anything with my eyes, I debated looking with my mind. I don't like doing it. It makes me feel so damned vulnerable. The parasites are a constant buzz in the back of my mind at the best of times. Letting down my guard enables me to use my abilities, but it leaves me nearly defenseless if they try to attack.

A touch of madness

They haven't yet — but that doesn't mean they won't. So I usually rely on the physical instead of the psychic.

Touch of Madness (Thrall, Book 2) by C. T. Adams, Cathy Clamp | eBay

It's just safer. I decided it was worth the risk. I lowered my shields and felt outward in a circle with my mind. Utter silence. Not even the angry buzz of the hive queens. I felt a shiver of unease run down my spine. That I couldn't hear them meant they were shielding me out — hiding something. That was so not good. There was a solid footstep that wasn't mine during that little dance. Nope, it wasn't my imagination. I ducked into the nearest women's bathroom. I stopped just inside the doorway and flipped open the antique pocket watch I'd pulled from my purse. It doesn't keep time. I have my wristwatch for that.

I've polished the case to a reflective, albeit slightly fuzzy, finish. I use it for things like applying lipstick and watching my back. Most tails will either stay nearby or deliberately walk past and then wait further up the hall. I had a couple of options. I could set a trap to confront the bastard, but if it was a Thrall host they could easily have used mind games to get a weapon past airport security. Hell, even a truly determined human can manage to smuggle things in. I sighed. The fact was that I just wasn't really up to a physical battle right now.

The combination of coffee and adrenaline had sharpened my nerves enough to recognize the danger, but it wouldn't last. I needed to avoid this fight if I possibly could. I closed the watch and slid it back in my pocket. I stood utterly still, eyes and ears open, waiting long enough that anyone who'd not been deliberately following me would have gone past. No one passed. I was still standing there, debating what to do when I heard voices I recognized from the plane. A weary young couple was bickering in hushed tones. I peeked out of the doorway.

The woman was juggling her purse, diaper bag, and a carryon.

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Her husband struggled with the dead weight of their sleeping toddler. I popped out of my doorway just in time to join them. My stalker kept a distance behind us. More people appeared as I reached the underground train from my concourse back to the baggage claim area. I kept trying to find my tail, but he eluded me. Evidently he wanted to get me alone — probably on my way to the parking lot. Still, I could be wrong.

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Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. In Adams and Clamp's latest, psychic tough gal Touch of Madness (The Thrall Series Book 2) by [Adams, C.T. Touch of Evil: The Thrall Series: Volume One by C.T. Adams Paperback $ Start reading Touch of Madness (The Thrall Series Book 2) on your Kindle in.

Just in case, I made sure the less-than-happy family was standing close at my back so that no one could sneak up on me as we waited for the train. When it arrived, I bullied my way to the front and sat on the bench facing the crowd. About half the people stared blankly forward.

Touch of Evil

Unlike vampires, these creatures can only inhabit a body for a few years. Kate meets love interest, firefighter Tom Bishop, when he asks about renting an apartment in her building after his landlord illegally evicts him because he's a lycanthrope. A Red-Rose Chain. Now The Washington Post is reporting that the CW, the last broadcast station with a full slate of animated shows on Saturday morning, has just done away with them. With me, you could tell. As "Cat Adams" they are the authors of the contemporary fantasy series, Blood Singer. Please introduce links to this page from related articles ; try the Find link tool for suggestions.

The other half talked with companions or watched the pinwheels. But today I ignored the pretty, twirly spinners that I usually watch. Instead, I kept my eyes on each of the passengers in the car in turn. All by itself that annoyed me, because I'd rather be oohing and aahing out the window with the little tow-headed girl and her brother sitting next to me. Nobody made me nervous, although I couldn't say the same for them. I got more than a few odd looks.

I couldn't exactly blame them. I stand six foot one in my stocking feet, and have long red hair that I usually wear in a tight braid, plus the kind of attitude that makes most people think twice about messing with me. Joe calls it my "tough act. There's a reason they called me the Terminator when I played pro volleyball — a reason why the Thrall consider me a threat.

Joe just doesn't like to admit it. I made sure I was the last to exit the car when we reached the terminal, jumping out just as the doors were starting to whoosh closed. Everyone scattered to their various destinations. Nobody lurked. Nobody even glanced at me. I stopped in the middle of the floor and opened my mind again.

There was nothing but a solid white wall of static. Despite the heavy blazer, I felt chilled. The Thrall usually aren't active during the day, but the sun wouldn't be up for a while yet, and their human Herds are always a threat. People on the street call the Thrall vampires. Yes and no. They're not the evil undead of legend. The scientific name for the parasite is complicated and Latin, so people call them either vampires or the Thrall. It's easier.

Series: The Thrall

They have a hive mentality, ruled by a group of queens who control individual Hosts and the human Herds. They despise most humans, referring to them as "Prey. They have "rules" for dealing with us. Of course, that means there are rules for us to deal with them, as well.

Not Prey don't run, don't hide, don't use guns or other distance weapons. If they do, they lose their status. And the status is useful. As Not Prey the Hosts and Herds can't lie to you, and the queens have to treat you as an equal. There is, of course, wiggle room in the rules — usually in favor of the Thrall, who take every advantage of it.

Stolen Child

I earned my title the hard way. I killed the former queen of Denver, but in the process I got bit. Since then, the Thrall have been a constant presence in the back of my head. I hate it, but I've learned to cope. Most of the time even the strongest of them can't cloud my mind — at least, not for long.

Still, it helps to have something to listen to. It keeps them from seeing my thoughts. For me, that's usually heavy metal music.

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